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Content Specialist

I am a content specialist enabling businesses to build relationships and win customers.


As a freelance writer and content marketer, I work to improve copy, websites, blogs, email and social media to generate and convert leads.

Underpinning my work is a journalism degree providing the ability to produce and edit your error-free engaging content.

Accompanying this training is over 10 years experience with various publications and companies. This includes a variety of industries both in a freelance capacity and as a full-time Digital Marketing Manager.

I carry the know-how and skill to deliver quality high-performing content with a full understanding of your unique business image.




Copywriting & 

Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization

Video Creation

Podcast & Audio

I've worked with

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Justin Worth,



Neal McParland

"Snopro is very ‘SEO conscious’ Eliot has created new streams of traffic finding our site as an ‘all things ski’ knowledge base. Engaging with clients further up the funnel is new for our business and this year web sales grew 63%. He still works for me, so if you are reading this and want to engage. Get in the queue 😉"

"Great experience with Eliot. Will use again. He is very autonomous, takes feedback well, fast, great asset to your team."

"I can’t ask for a better freelancer to work with. Eliot’s work is excellently written, adhered to the guidelines and he is very punctual with deadlines. The communication was also exceptional."

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